Music Production & Sound Engineering Diploma

Music Production & Sound Engineering Diploma


Key Facts

Length 1 Year (36 Weeks)
Start September 19 2017
Term 09.2017 - 06.2018
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Apply before August 15th 2017



Our groundbreaking, project based, sound engineering and music production diploma course is built on the concept of learning by doing. No lectures, no homework, no tests.

Spend your year developing the tools, practical skills and creative techniques required to record, mix, produce and master a wide range of musical styles whilst exploring your own individual approach to sound engineering and music production.

Why Is This Course For You?

The Music Production & Sound Engineering Diploma course is purpose designed for people who are passionate about at least one of these activities:-

  • Recording, mixing and mastering your own tracks, songs, albums, composition for film and multimedia
  • Providing sound engineering expertise to support studio recordings for others
  • Providing music production expertise to support studio recordings for others
  • Providing creative input to someone else’s track, song, album, composition for film etc
  • Making your next step towards a career in the music industry
  • Spending a year living and working in the most exciting city on the planet
  • Immersion in Berlin’s trendsetting music scene
  • Working in collaboration with an international community of like minded people
  • Being supported by a team of experienced facilitators who know you by name, care about your creative development and truly give a damn
  • Moving city, country or continent in order to pursue something you love

Progressing successfully into employment in today’s music industry takes hard work, focus, commitment, grit and passion. It also requires a broad set of skills, a well developed ‘creative muscle’ and an entrepreneurial spirit.

You may not have all of those things under your belt just yet but a prerequisite for attending any course at dBs Berlin is that you must be passionate about building and developing those skills.

Our Diploma Courses

Our team of music industry professionals have designed this bespoke project based course to provide you with exactly what you need to take your practical skills and techniques to the next level and better prepare you for working in the real world and/or progressing onto a degree.

You will develop a wide range of useful skills including practical room acoustics, microphone and preamp technique, recording, mixing, editing, dynamic and fx processors, music production skills, mastering and perhaps most importantly, a real human understanding which ensures you get the best performance out of yourself or the artists you are working with.

We are passionate about providing a nurturing, caring, relaxed, challenging and creative environment where our team offers uncompromising support for students.

Learning By Doing

We pride ourselves on maximising ‘hands on’ equipment time and ‘learning by doing’ in all of our courses but our new diplomas break new ground.

We design our courses around a growing body of research which is proving what we’ve probably always known - the best way to learn something is to just do it. Again…and again…and again. Expert performance is primarily the result of expert practice not due to innate talent.

In other words, it’s not about what you’re born with - It’s about how consistently and deliberately you can work to improve your performance.

Your practice must be: intentional, aimed at improving performance, designed for your current skill level and combined with immediate feedback and repetition. These courses are designed to awaken the expert in you and build creative muscle.

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Our Spaces

Recording Studios

We currently have 10 studios available for sound engineering and music production diploma students. They range from brand new purpose built spaces to the insanely atmospheric, vintage Funkhaus studios.

All are expertly acoustically treated and have a range of analogue and digital mixing consoles, controllers, microphones, HD Native Pro Tools systems, Eve or Focal monitoring systems, software DAWs including the latest Pro Tools, Logic Studio, Ableton Live and a full range of high end software plug in FX, synths and samplers and numerous other toys from retro to cutting edge.

We also have new plans in the pipeline which will mean a significant increase in studios for September 2017. Watch this space!

Music IT Suite

Say goodbye to soul destroying rows of student desks staring at the back of someone’s head or, even worse, a blank wall.

Our spaces are expertly designed with collaboration in mind. From 2017 we will have four IT suites with 20 workstations in each. You will sit at your own workstation on a spacious island of four.

Stop, share an idea or show off your latest production to your neighbours or tutors. Be human! Community is a powerful thing and you will be amongst people as passionate and motivated as you. Collaborate, innovate and integrate.

Each workstation has an iMac 21”, a keyboard controller, various software including Pro Tools, Logic Studio, Ableton Live, Reason and a full range of high end synth and FX plug ins.

Ideas Lab

Our Ideas Lab is a fun and relaxed space where great ideas are born, shared, shaped and passionately debated with fellow participants and your facilitator. It’s also where you’ll hone your listening and analysis skills. From classic recordings to seminal 50s jazz tracks to the latest boundary-pushing minimal electronica.

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“If you’re passionate about music and want to learn about this subject, while living in an incredible city that has everything to offer that one could wish for, you should definitely go for dBs!”


Your success depends entirely on you - what you bring to the course, your approach to learning and the grit, passion and sheer determination with which you build your future.

Our diploma course provides you with all of the tools required to either progress onto a degree course or make your first foray into the music industry.

The employment model in the music industry has been transformed over the last 20 years. Roles with permanent contracts do still exist but it is much more likely that you will work either as a freelancer or as part of a small startup on your way to professional creative autonomy.

There are many possible progression routes into the industry and it often makes sense to develop a portfolio of different roles. Here are some examples:

Recording engineer, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, producer, recording artist, live sound engineer, sound design for film and moving image, foley, producing sample packs, sound and music for game, interdisciplinary arts projects, working in related fields such as record labels, publishers, artist management companies to name but a few.